J.Cole и Kendrick Lamar диссят Diggy :)

11 сентября K-Dot в рамках своего тура BET Music Matters tour сделал остановку в Charlotte’s The Fillmore и во время своего выступления зачитал фристайл, в котором диссил Diggy :)

Bitch was the baddest, head was the greatest
Only one thing I ask of you haters.
You can’t diss a nigga if you got him on your playlist
From straight A’s to A-list, only niggas with AKs can play this.
My Jordan 13s like 8th grade
You niggas debaters but you don’t know of my pay raise.
I made it from 8 dollars an hour, 400 a week
To a hundred grand a show, that’s 400 a week.
Ice the wrist, it’s Cole Summer to keep
Life’s a bitch, just don’t cum in the sheets.